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Reappearance of Summer

In 2116, Colonel Summer Hawkins’s jet crashed off the coast of Iran during a rescue mission and she lost her leg and career because of it. Unable to face the demons the crash provoked, Summer left Washington D.C. and her life behind.

Two years later Summer’s past intrudes on her new life as a tabloid darling and she’s dragged back to Washington D.C. kicking and screaming. Forced to face the life she left behind, and the wife she abandoned, Summer struggles with her sudden reappearance in the nation’s capital while balancing her delicate mental state.

Will the abrupt disruption be the thing to pull her out of the hell her life has become or will it cause her mental demons and nightmares to worsen making Summer fall deeper into the pit of despair and hopelessness she’s lived in for the last two years?


Forthcoming Books

Fate Unseen

Last Pureblood Book

Coming in 2020

Avery Lawson: The Lastpureblood left readers with many loose threads, and Fate Unseen picks up right where they left off.

Starting on the day before Avery's change, she has to deal with the ramifications of her actions, meet with Rhea's alpha, figure out what's going on with her and Rhea, and oh, her change is tomorrow. As the burdens of the supernatural community start to bear down on her, we see how Avery handles them and what effect they have on she and Rhea. 

This one will not end in a cliffhanger.