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Annnd We're Back!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding while the site was down. What has changed? I've changed how book purchasing is done and I've added samples for my books so you don't have to go to a third-party site. Samples are viewed through BookFunnel, and at the end of them there are links to purchase. For purchasing books, all that is done through my Ko-Fi account and distribution of the book is through BookFunnel. I found Ko-Fi to be the best way to do this because once you pay their yearly fee for a Gold membership, the only thing you have to pay are the processing fees from Stripe or Paypal, which is nice. Also it gives me the opportunity to show off my serials.

2023 Pipeline


I'm currently in the process of editing The Adventures of Swift, which is my supernatural superhero serial. I'm hoping to start posting by the end of Q1 of 2023, but it might be the beginning of Q2 depending on how edits go. I'm being diligent about it. I've also have my novella series coming out along with the 2nd novel of the Detective Miller series coming out. I plan to round out the year by jumping back into Fate Unseen edits. We've all been waiting for eons for that book, and I'm going to deliver it. If not this year, then definitely in 2024. I am determined dammit!

Kinda Perma-Free

Better Cover.jpg

Yeah, this section is worded weird, but I didn't know how else to put it. The first book I ever put out, Pool of Lies, is Pay What You Want on Smashwords and Ko-Fi. Ergo, the weird wording. You can pay nothing or you can pay however much you want. Pool of Lies is a dark romance filled with debauchery and deceit. Definitely not for those looking for something fluffy and light. However, it does end with a happily ever after. Read a sample or buy it out right, and check it out for yourself.

Social Media Update

With the recent upheaval and craziness going on at Twitter, I've set my author and fanfic Twitter accounts to private and have moved to Mastodon. I've combined the 2 under 1 profile, but I plan to tag everything accordingly, so if you don't want to see my fanfic updates then you can filter it out. I'll be deleting both of my Twitter accounts in March so make sure you follow me on Mastodon to get those off the fly updates!

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