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ROS Cover

A dramatic and emotional story about Colonel Summer Hawkins who left her life after her jet crashed during a rescue mission. Two years later her former life comes barging back and Summer's forced to go back to Washington D.C. facing the life, and the wife, she left behind.

A captivating story which deals with PTSD, depression, and abandonment it's a book you don't want to miss out on.

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All she wanted was a quiet life...

Avery Lawson didn't want much out of life. All she wanted to do was enjoy her job, protect the wolves of the forest, and be in nature as much as possible. But that all changes when a peculiar tourist comes into town, and being reluctant to sudden changes in her life, Avery is less than thrilled. Come read the 1st book in The Pureblood Series and find out how Avery handles the new twists and turns in her life.

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Pool of Lies

A fast-paced, gripping tale about Dr. Ava Carmichael, Pool of Lies is a story you don't want to miss out on.

It is a suspenseful romance about the deceptive lies Ava tells to keep her secret life, and the mysterious Kacey Hudson, from her wife who also has a past of her own.

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