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We live in a day and age where data breaches happen it seems like almost everyday. When I'm not trying to be a struggling writer, I work in the financial sector, and I can let you know data security is a number one concern along with privacy.

This page was created to let you know all pages on the website, and any 3rd party sites, are secure and I only work with secure websites. I've recently worked tremendously hard to make sure this site is 100% secure. So feel safe when making transactions on it, or on any 3rd party sites.

In regards to your information, I only request the bare minimum for things like giveaways, the monthly newsletter, and contact. Once its purpose is served it goes no further than the provider I am using, or I delete it.

I've also added the cookie banner, and a lot of it doesn't apply, but it's the necessary legal jargon to keep this thing sailing. If you click on the more details in the alert it tells the different types of cookies and what they are.

Any questions or comments you can email at or through the Contact page.

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