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DJ is a self-proclaimed author with a day job, a day job he would like to one day get rid of. He spends most of his time wistfully thinking about stories and trying to make those stories come to life. No topic is off limits, and the bigger the risk in the story, the more determined he becomes to pull it off. DJ dabbles in various types of writing but he would like to known for publishing works which are geared towards the LGBT community. His desire to create stories that reflect the world around him continues to drive him to write books about people living lives which are true to them, regardless of who they love or their gender.

When he isn't creating stories or getting lost in the characters he creates DJ is found reading, watching TV or spending time with his friends and family. Based in the big-little hub known as Richmond, VA, DJ is ready to take the independent author world by storm, but in a low-key way.

To reach DJ you can go to the Contact page or connect with him on Twitter.

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