Welcome One And All!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by the website of DJ Small, queer fiction author. There is plenty you can do here. Take a look at some books; stop by the store and buy a book; or see what I'm up to by catching up on my blog. You can also sign-up for the newsletter, which is on a bit of a hiatus, but it'll come back at some point. Don't mind the lack of content, I'm doing some things behind the scenes and trying to make it all better! So, peruse, and any questions or comments you might have, you can drop by the contact page to reach out me. Have a good one!

What's Sparking My Creativity?

Sims 4. Yep, you read that right. Sims 4 has been getting creative juices flowing. I think it's because I can zone out and not think about my life for however many hours I get sucked into the game. I accidently deleted the game I had been working on for the last two, three months and it gutted me, but I picked myself up and started a new game. This one has a different direction and definitely seems more fun than the last game. Once a sim gets married it gets too chaotic for me. My sister and share an account so we buy all the expansion packs and downloadable content for the game. I've added some NSFW mods to it, so the game can really go off the rails if I wanted it to. I had a drug dealing sex worker as a sim once. That was fun for a little while, but like with writing, I wanted to make her more than a drug dealing sex worker. Anyway, this form of escapism allows me to decompress by doing nonsensical things in a game. It's a fun thing.