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About DJ Small

I have plans to change the pic! I swear!

Now that I've addressed the obvious, hi! I'm DJ Small, Black, queer, trans author extraordinaire. It has been a rough two years for me writing wise, but I'm getting back into it, starting with a site update. I reside in RVA and dream about moving back to Western Mass at times. I miss the snow. 

I write what I affectionately call queer fiction, meaning my main characters, and possibly all the supporting characters, will be somewhere on the queer spectrum. This includes all variety of gender fuckery. I do not write in one specific genre, but I do try to aim to put a little romance in my stories. I can't do pure romance. I mean I try, but somehow things get on a dark and twisty rollercoaster. Should probably talk to my therapist about that one.

For 2023, the goal is to finally release my serial The Adventures of Swift Vol. 1 and possibly my novella. Considering I got nothing published last year, I'm trying to aim for the low end of effort. I've got my fingers crossed and holding out hope.

Any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to reach out to me on the contact page

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