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Pool of Lies

All lies have consequences...

Dr. Ava Carmichael is a successful heart surgeon with a loving wife. Unbeknownst to her wife, Ava takes on a second job in order to break up the monotony that her life has fallen into. It's while working this second job that she meets Kacey Hudson, a dark, mysterious woman who ignites a spark inside Ava. A spark that inevitably leads to more lies and sends Ava's life into a tailspin.

Will Ava be able to regain control of her life or will she drown in the lies that she's told?

Avery Lawson: The Last Pureblood

She has a lot more in common with the animals she’s trying to protect….

Avery Lawson has been a park ranger in Keaton, Oregon for the last year. It's a job she enjoys, and she dreams of one day turning the vast forest into a wolf sanctuary. However, life has other things in mind for Avery, and they're delivered in the form of Rhea Davenport — a snarky tourist who not only catches Avery's eye, but also turns her life upside down.

The first book in the Pureblood Series, Avery finds out secrets that have been kept hidden from her, and rock the foundation of who she is. How she handles them, and Rhea, will not only determine her future, but also the fate of the entire supernatural world.

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Reappearance of Summer

October 2018
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