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Pool of Lies

To the outside observer Ava Carmichael seemed to have it all. She was a young, successful heart surgeon married to a loving wife who had supported her through the darkest of times. But when Ava starts to feel unfulfilled by her idyllic life she looks elsewhere to satisfy her need to live life to the fullest, finding it in a second job which brings Kacey Hudson into her life. The dark, mysterious woman sparks the passion Ava craves, but the lies she tells to keep her job and Kacey hidden come with a steep price and it’s one Ava cannot afford.

Will the thrill of living an uninhibited life be the thing to save Ava or will it cause her to drown in the lies she’s told?

Avery Lawson: The Last Pureblood

She has a lot more in common with the animals she’s trying to protect….

Avery Lawson has been a park ranger in Keaton, Oregon for the last year. It's a job she enjoys, and she dreams of one day turning the vast forest into a wolf sanctuary. However, life has other things in mind for Avery, and they're delivered in the form of Rhea Davenport — a snarky tourist who not only catches Avery's eye, but also turns her life upside down.

The first book in the Pureblood Series, Avery finds out secrets that have been kept hidden from her, and rock the foundation of who she is. How she handles them, and Rhea, will not only determine her future, but also the fate of the entire supernatural world.

Reappearance of Summer

In 2116, Colonel Summer Hawkins’s jet crashed off the coast of Iran during a rescue mission and she lost her leg and career because of it. Unable to face the demons the crash provoked, Summer left Washington D.C. and her life behind.

Two years later Summer’s past intrudes on her new life as a tabloid darling and she’s dragged back to Washington D.C. kicking and screaming. Forced to face the life she left behind, and the wife she abandoned, Summer struggles with her sudden reappearance in the nation’s capital while balancing her delicate mental state.

Will the abrupt disruption be the thing to pull her out of the hell her life has become or will it cause her mental demons and nightmares to worsen making Summer fall deeper into the pit of despair and hopelessness she’s lived in for the last two years?

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